Friday, November 1, 2013

6th grade Newsweek Hero Project

6th grade Newsweek Hero Project
I adapted this lesson from a workshop I attended. Tricia Fugelstad led the workshop. Her website offers a wealth of information and great ideas. Please check out her blog to get great ideas for using iPads/ technology in your classroom.
Fegely Heroes
We began with brainstorming a list of characteristics that super heroes and real- life heroes posses. We used the worksheet below; however, just writing on the board will also work.
We then used the template to plan our design. Students submitted their plan/ rough draft to me before beginning, this way I could check for grammatical errors, spelling and complete sentences.
To create this project we used our classroom set of iPads and the apps: Dropbox, ArtStudio, and PicCollage. This was a lot of work for my 6th grade students, especially for our first iPad projectof the school year. The excitement of the 6th grade got us through the project relatively fast. We were able to complete this project in 5 days.
To make it easier down the road I took all of my students pictures in front of our class made green screen (a picked a really bright green shower curtain) this way it was not so expensive and a color most students wouldn't wear. The students selected some super hero costumes, clothing, masks, capes, ect. to wear for their photograph.
To begin I uploaded the student photo and the template below into our classdropbox. This allowed all students access to materials.
The students began by importing their photo into the app ArtStudio. Using the lasso tool the students deleated all of the green screen from their background. They needed to do this without cutting off any of their body parts.
The students then exported their projects from ArtStudio and saved them to the camera roll.
The next app we worked in was PicCollage. PicCollage allows the student to layer the Newsweek template, their picture, and their words onto the page.
Upon completion the students submitted and saved their finished project to DropBox.

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