Tuesday, September 10, 2013

8th grade Graffiti Art

8th Grade Graffiti Art

8th grade artists used their knowledge of balance (symmetrical/ asymmetrical/ and radial) and objective vs. nonobjective art to create their artwork.

I usually do this lesson at the beginning of the semester or school year. It helps me to learn my students names and helps me access their current ability level.

The students artwork is graded with a rubric and the students complete a self-assessment.



  1. ok well i am surprised in our school 8 graders are so awesome in drawing i think coz there imagination is wide the best one is by a girl she drew BR-KEN in case of an o she used a hole in the background like an broken window and in that hole she drew birds clouds to show that there is hope it was a dream but you r class is even cool maam

  2. thumbs up maam or sir not sure anyway thumbs up