Friday, April 25, 2014

Texture Birds

8th grade Texture Birds

While studying the element of art, texture, the 8th grade artists created texture birds using chalk and oil pastels. The students sketched and drew birds from reference folders provided for their tables.

For 8th graders chalk pastels can sometimes be a challenging medium to master; however, the students succeeded with flying colors!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6th grade Action Color Wheels

6th grade Action Color Wheels

To complete this lesson students used an action figure found in a magazine. The student then cut the figure out, using skilled craftsmanship and traced the figure 12 times on to white paper. They then used tempra paint to paint the figures. The figures were then overlapped and glued to black paper.


8th grade 2 point perspective / surreal cityscape

8th grade 2 Point Perspective / Sureal Cityscape

The 8th grade artists created Surreal Cityscapes using 2 point perspective. The students used their knowledge of one point perspective from their 7 grade class to build the artwork.


  • minimum of 4 buildings
  • 2 Windows and 1 door on each building
  • 1 surreal element to the artwork
  • Hatching and cross hatching


7th grade 1 Point Perspective

7th Grade 1 Point Perspective (Birds Eye View)

7th grade students learned about 1 point perspective creating a birds eye view of a city. To begin the project the 7th graders competed a sketch, using ideas from a reference folder that I provided for them. The students were required to show that all buildings were converging to one vanishing point. The buildings were given windows, doors and details to complete the artwork. All student artwork was colored using colored pencil.