Thursday, October 6, 2016

Contour Line and Value Leaf Sketches

Day 1 
7th grade 
Contour Line and Value Leaf Sketch

Sketch Day!
Students used yesterdays information about line to create contour line drawings of leaves. 
The students used real leaves to create their composition. 

They were required to have a minimum of 5 leaves and some needed to be overlapping. 

Once the students completed the sketch they received 8x8 watercolor paper to draw their final copies on. Tomorrow the students will use liquid watercolors to paint the fall leaves. 

6th grade - Monochromatic Haunted House

Day 1- Monochromatic Haunted House
Begin our Sketches

6th grade artists began their sketches today for the Monochromatic Haunted house project. 

The students used their ipads for haunted house references. 

The students picked 5 didfferent haunted houses they liked and saved the image to their ipad. They then used the images to create a new image of their own and added details to their projects (trees, moons, clouds, pumpkins, etc..)

Tomorrow, day 2, the students will create their monochromatic background. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Atmospheric Perspective

Fall into Art

Atmospheric Perspective 

Students used their knowledge of background, middleground and foreground to create a painting depicting atmospheric perspective.

Students outlined the pencil lines with sharpie.

The students used liquid watercolors for the ground and the sky and used water color pencils for the details of their landscape.